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Taking into account that:

The Equine Osteopathy EDO® with its methodology deviates from regular veterinary medicine, which makes a different complaints procedure necessary for people with complaints about an Equine Osteopath EDO®.

It is necessary that a complaint procedure for the country of establishment for the Equine Osteopath EDO® is settled, creating individual satisfaction to the person entitled to the complaint.

A complaint procedure also has a signalling function in case of quality shortages in the professional practice by Equine Osteopath’s EDO®.

Regulations supervising committee

The Supervising committee is responsible for disciplinary matters. The regulations of the IREO Supervising committee apply to Equine Osteopaths EDO®, registered at the IREO, which is established in the Netherlands.

Regulations appeals committee

These regulations apply to all appeal procedures in which a decision is made by the committee.