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Complaint and discipline within the Equine Osteopathy EDO® profession

Dear client,

Within the Equine Osteopathy EDO® the rules for complaint and discipline are provided by the IREO.

To execute these rules, the IREO provides interpretations for the following committees:

  • The Complaint committee: in case the complaint cannot be resolved directly with the Equine Osteopath EDO®;
  • The committee of Discipline: for dealing with disciplinary cases;
  • The Appeals committee: for dealing with appeal concerning disciplinary matters.

In case you cannot come to an arrangement with your Equine Osteopath EDO®, you can contact the IREO secretary to report the complaint.

IREO Secretary:
Hengeland 7
5851 EA, Afferden (L)
T: +31 485 34 29 85