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The board

Board Chairman IREO
IREO A.J.W. Teunissen

Secretary / Treasurer IREO
P. d’Hamecourt

Board members
M. Mookhoek
M. van Dijk

1. The foundation holds the goal to:

Establish, maintain and manage an independent quality-register for Equine Osteopaths EDO® and its related committees.

2. The foundation seeks to achieve its goal by establishing:

  1. A registration, regulations and a registration committee;
  2. Accreditation regulations and an accreditation committee;
  3. Complaint regulations and a complaint committee;
  4. Regulations for disciplinary proceedings for Equine Osteopathy EDO®;
  5. Regulations for appeals and an appeals committee.

Relevant authorities can be appointed to the bodies described above.

3. The bodies referred to in paragraph 2 are based on the following documents, which are composed by the IREO:

  1. The Standards for Equine Osteopathy EDO®;
  2. Regulations for acknowledgement criteria for education and post-graduate training Equine Osteopathy EDO®;
  3. Professional Code of Ethics Equine Osteopathy EDO®.