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How to stay registered as an Equine Osteopath EDO®

After your registration at the IREO is complete and you’ve paid your (annual) registration fee, it’s important that you keep up to date with your Continuous Education (CE) in order to stay registered. The required amount of your CE-points are:

  • 40 points per year, or
  • 120 points in 3 years

From January 1st 2023 the CE-points per subject have been changed. Courses, modules and other conferences that are completed from 2023 onward will be rewarded with the following CE-points:

✅ Follow accredited post-graduate courses (points per hour).

✅ Revise a module at an accredited education institute (points per hour).

✅ Write a well-supported, in-depth case study according to IREO guidelines (these can be requested at the IREO Secretary). With a maximum of 2 per year or 4 in 3 years, checked by the Accreditation Committee (15 points per case study).

✅ “Intervision day(s)”. With a maximum of 3 days per year (points per hour, with a maximum of 10 per day).

✅ Visit the annual conference of the WAEO (60 points).

✅ Attend the annual webinar of the WAEO (30 points).

✅ Visit any other conference for Equine Osteopathy (points per hour/day, on request).

✅ Having concluded a propedeutic preparatory education up to the Plato Level in anatomy, physiology, neurology, etc. (points on request).

Suggestions for courses, modules or other conferences (provided they are related to Equine Osteopathy) are welcome, for these can also be rewarded with CE-points.

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