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Animal Osteopathy course

Course 2023 • accredited by the IREO

Taught by: Paolo Tozzi (D.O.)
Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

CE points: 32 points per module

Ce-points will only be officially awarded when the certificate of the followed course day(s) is sent to the IREO Secretary via this form.

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Intervision Equine Osteopathy EDO®

It is important that we keep learning, not only via courses, webinars or conferences, but also from each other.

There are a million different cases, each one different and unique. In order to widen our range and broaden our minds as far as possible, we need to learn from each other in order to become a better Equine Osteopath EDO®.

At the IREO we believe that the Intervision days can help you. Not only in the beginning after you graduated, but also further along in your career.

To stimulate these Intervision days, the IREO will reward you with CE-points. All you need to know can be found below. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretary of the IREO.

Good luck!

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